About me

My name is Khanh (pronounced: /xaɲ/), I’m a senior software developer with more than 10 years working in the software development industry. At the moment, I’m turning my focus in to AI & data science.

The project associated with this website, codehub.vn, was first started more than a decade ago. Through many changes, and with the help of some other technical writers, not to mention the support of my friends and my family, we had written quite a few articles and tutorials about programming and software development in general.

As of late 2020, the emergence of Machine Learning and AI and their wide applications in many domains and industries has impacted me a lot. So I’ve decided to switch gear to follow the AI-first movement. AI engineering & data science are quite different from traditional software engineering and all the content about software programming, though not entirely extraneous, has become saturated. For that reason, the old content has been retired from the site. The website is also rebuilt from scratch and you can guess from the UI that it’s just a simple WordPress site.

Lastly, this is my LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tran-khanh/. If you’re passionate about AI & data science or you’re a recruiting people working in this industry, I’m glad to connect with you!


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